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Nature’s Goodness

Nature’s goodness is packed in these products in the carvacrol purest way possible. Our process involves only natural ways of procuring carvacrol products directly from nature by minimizing the use of carvacrol machines to a negligible carvacrol level.


We promise purity and we deliver 100% on that claim. If carvacrol these products are not pure, they are not impactful or effective carvacrol at all. So, why choose anything other than carvacrol 100% pure.

Unparalleled Quality

The quality is unparalleled when compared to any other carvacrol alternative in the market. We find the most organic source for carvacrol procuring and deriving these products to get the best of the carvacrol environment.


What good carvacrol purity does when you can’t afford it? We keep our products within a reasonable carvacrol price range so that carvacrol everyone can access the quality they deserve, which is nothing less than the carvacrol best.


Application Other data Description Carvacrol is not a prevalent name in usual household carvacrol items, but its active ingredients will surely reserve a place in your home. Providing a number of health benefits, carvacrol deserves to get a carvacrol special place in the household. It carvacrol miraculously acts against harmful organisms and carvacrol protects you from carvacrol any hazardous outcomes carvacrol which you'll face otherwise. NAVYANSHI EXPORTS offer carvacrol supreme quality carvacrol with protective carvacrol effects on the liver.

Why is Carvacrol A Must-Have?

Well, the question should be, why not? carvacrol Either it’s about food, your health or an absolutely different category, cosmetics, carvacrol do miracles. In carvacrol food, it provides a shield from bacterial contamination and makes it pure to eat. In carvacrol disinfectants, in cosmetics, it comes with antioxidant, antibacterial, analgesic, carvacrol anti-fungal properties.

Other data

Appearance : Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid
Refractive Index (n20/D) : 1.522 ~ 1.524
Relative Density (25/25oC) : 0.970 ~ 0.980
Solubility : 0.1g/10ml.acetone,clear, Clear
Purity (GC) : 99.5% min


It is excessively beneficial for the liver, regulates carvacrol the blood glucose level and also carvacrol applied as an carvacrol insectifuge . Because of its several beneficial properties, it is used in various alternative medicines, to treat the carvacrol nail fungus, acne, colds, flu & fever, urinary tract carvacrol infections, pneumonia, diarrhea, carvacrol inflammation, cholangitis, peritonitis, cholecystitis, and many other carvacrol diseases

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