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spearmint oil

Nature’s Goodness

Nature’s goodness is packed in these products in the purest way possible. Our process involves only natural ways of procuring products directly from nature by minimizing the use of machines to a negligible level.


We promise purity and we deliver 100% on that claim. If these products are not pure, they are not impactful or effective at all. So, why choose anything other than 100% pure.

Unparalleled Quality

The quality is unparalleled mentha spearment oil when compared to any other mentha spearment oil alternative in the market. We find mentha spearment oil the most organic source for mentha spearment oil procuring and deriving these products to mentha spearment oil get the best of mentha spearment oil the environment.


What good purity does mentha spearment oil when you can’t afford it? mentha spearment oil We keep our products within a reasonable price mentha spearment oil range so that everyone mentha spearment oil can access the quality they mentha spearment oil deserve, which is nothing mentha spearment oil less than the best.


Spearmint Oil is obtained from the bright green Mentha spicata herb, and its name is derived from the mentha spearment oil fact that it has pointed, spear-shaped leaves. Spearmint is also referred to as Garden Spearmint, mentha spearment oil Green Mint, Fish Mint, Our Lady's Mint, Spire, Green, Lamb, and Pea. Spearmint is commonly mentha spearment oil known as the minty, breath-freshening flavoring agent used in mentha spearment oil oral hygiene products - including gum and candies - which leaves a cool, tingling sensation mentha spearment oil that leaves the mouth feeling clean. Believed to be the oldest mentha spearment oil of the Mints, for centuries Spearmint has been used for its digestive benefits, often mentha spearment oil being served with or after meals to prevent or mentha spearment oil relieve gas, bloating, nausea, and indigestion. mentha spearment oil The Spearmint herb began to be used in Ayurvedic medicine for the same purpose but to also soothe mentha spearment oil skin problems and headaches.

Why do we strongly recommend spearmint oil?

In most of the cases, people find peppermint mentha spearment oil oil to be extensively strong and want a mentha spearment oil lighter formula with more benefits. mentha spearment oil In that case, spearmint oil best suit their demands.


Appearance : Colorless to Yellow Green Liquid
Odor/Taste : Characteristics warm, Herbal Penetrating odor highly pungent penetrating minty, followed by a sensation of coldness when air is inhaled.
Botanical Name : Mentha Spicata (Family-Labiatae)
Specific Gravity : 0.917-0.934
Refractive Index : 1.4820 To 1.4900
Optical Rotation : (-) 48ºC to (-) 60ºC
Solubility : Soluble in Alcohol and Ether
L-CARVONE : 60%, 80%


It perfectly stimulates the restless mind and doesn’t let people get clutched in the jaws of m mentha spearment oil migraine, stress acne, fatigue, headaches, nervous strain, mentha spearment oil and many other alike issues. It is widely used in food items as well to add mentha spearment oil flavor and refreshing odor. With these and many other privileges, we recommend people get this oil indubitably.

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